Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So who am I and what is this about?

I believe in the implausible idea that everyone can do what they love and be successful at it. This blog is more than lifestyle design, it’s about the quest for a meaningful, extraordinary life.

I am a 24 year old entrepreneur trying to break out of the rat race. I love Real Estate and am on the verge of starting my own investment company. This blog covers my successes, my failures and the bumpy road to happiness. And while I chose real estate as my path, hopefully I can inspire others to do whatever they love, make money, and be actually happy.

So many people are afraid to follow their dreams. Afraid of failure. Some people don’t realize that success and happiness come to those willing to fight for it. So take that risk. You’ve got your life to gain.

Bryan Hill
The Casual Tycoon

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  1. Hey love the graphic up top that's sharp. Good luck with the blog!