Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Employee Survey Comments

My company recently sent out the annual Employee Opinion Survey. Here is an excerpt from my comments (not that they would acutally do any good):

I am 24, young by our company’s standards. However young and insignificant I may be, please understand the importance of Gen-Y in the work force. Not now. Not next year. Within 5 years Gen-Y will be the fastest growing employee group at [my company] . Make no mistake that as the market improves, so will 401Ks and then all those almost-retirees who were sitting of the fence will go, leaving Gen-Y as the next generation to populate the ranks. So why am I mentioning this?

Gen-Y is different, we work differently, certainly more different than the boomers and their predecessors. It is then important to understand the working styles and attitudes of Gen-Y so that when the time comes, [my company] will have the ability to retain and recruit top talent.
Please understand, Gen-Y cares more about lifestyle than salary. This is critical to understand as [my company]’s compensation will have to shift to accommodate Gen-Y’s new expectations. Specifically, I’m talking about work-life balance. The opportunities to telecommute and work remotely are so rare that it seems [my company] does not care about work-life balance. I have written many memos on this subject, one of which I will include below.

I welcome the chance to discuss this with you further.

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