Tuesday, October 19, 2010

25 was a good year

Disneyland, New Orleans, Hawaii, Lake Shasta, Prescott, LA, Bahamas, France, Spain, & Portugal.

25 was a great year,thanks!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Parkinson’s Law and the Truth About Time.

People who say “I don’t have enough time” are liars. They might not know it, but they are defiantly big fat liars. Pants 100% on fire.

Enter: Parkinson’s Law which, in short, states that the amount of work you have expands to fit neatly into whatever time you have to accomplish it.

And it’s true. Don’t believe me?

Here is a simple quiz to find out:
1. In your work day (let’s call it 8 hours) could you get your work done in 99% of the time, say 7:59?
2. What about 7:58 or 7:52?

Of course you could. Easily. If you wanted. If 1% is easy to shave off, how far can we go?

Have you ever slept in and yet made it to work/class on time? You’re morning routine was the same, you just did it in less time.

What about when your boss gives you an assignment 10 minutes before you are supposed to leave? Chances are that you finish that assignment in record time.

How many college essays were started the night before yet somehow got in on time?

The Truth About Time

We have exactly as much time as we allow ourselves to have. And if we can shave 10% off our normal work, how much more can we accomplish?

This is especially topical in the wake of New Year’s Resolutions. Many of us shy away from resolutions and goals because we don’t have enough time. Lies.

Many people want to go back to school or start a company but complain about their lack of time. Don’t let that stop you. So in 2010 remember that nothing can stop you from your goals. Not even time.

*As a funny side note: Last week I had a chance to experience Parkinson’s Law in an unexpected place. When touring an open house a realtor said “Look at all this storage”, he points to kitchen cabinets, “But trust me, your stuff will grow to fit it all.” He’s probably right. How many of us actually have an empty cabinet in our kitchen?*

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just 2 minutes ago I stepped away from my cubicle to fax something. On the way, I passed one of the few windows in my 6 acre office building. It looked so nice that I actually ventured outside to enjoy the sunshine. It might just be the most beautiful day ever and not just because today is my 25th birthday.

And that’s when it hit me… Today is just another day that ends in “y”
Stay with me… follow my logic…

Yes, today is beautiful outside. But is it truly all that rare? No.
Days like this happen all the time. Everywhere. Everyday. I just happened to notice it today.

There is nothing incredibly unique about today. They happen all the time but we’re too busy to notice them; to appreciate them.

And I’m not just talking about the weather. What about family? Or Friends? When is the last time you stopped everything and prioritized your life?

Every one of us has the ability to go out and enjoy life EVERYDAY but we are so locked up in work/cubicles/desks that we can’t.

So really, the only difference between today, and the weekend, is the word “Tuesda” or “Thursda”. Today is just another day then ends with “y”.


Are you really going to work for 40 years only to enjoy 2/7 days of the week? Since when does life come second to work?

It’s a beautiful day. Go outside and live.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adam Baker's war against debt

I stumbled upon a newish blog today called ManVsDebt.com by Adam Baker
I simply have to mention him because today he posed the same @GaryVee video I posted yesterday.

This is a guy who is kicking ass in the blog world and proving you can do what you love AND be successful. This guy has chosen his path and making it work. Check out his very informative guide to blogging here

Oh... did I mention that that he and his wife sold everything they owned and went backpacking around the world? Living proof that anything is possible.

If you’re not already… follow Adam @manvsdebt and visit his blog

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have to post this clip. Oldie, but a goodie.

"Look in the mirrior and ask yourself 'what is it that I want to do every day for the rest of my life?' do that. I promise you can monitize that shit."

Keep hustling.

You should also consider buying Gary's aptly named book.

And if for some reason you're not following him... www.twitter.com/garyvee

Monday, September 21, 2009

More details about SAIL.

I must apologize for my recent lack of blog attention. You see, I am an obsessive man. Balance is something that I constantly struggle with. I cannot do anything casually. Everything 100% or 0%.

In many ways this obsession is good. Howard Hughes was obsessed, he created a modern empire. Francis Ford Coppola eventually won a Palme d’Or for his obsessively driven masterpiece Apocalypse Now.

But obsession can easily go astray. After all, obsession is just a hop, skip, and jump away from alcoholism or a gambling addiction. Captain Ahab gave his life in pursuit of his obsession.
None the less, I have been focusing recently on a new project. The name is still in the air but for now, it is called the Southern Arizona Investor’s List. This will be the region’s most comprehensive and accurate listings of foreclosures and short sales. Furthermore, subscribers will have 24/7 access to Tucson’s first geo-coded, searchable foreclosure map (example).

Here is an idea of what the website will look like.

If this goes well, I will be devoting more of my free time to expanding to Phoenix, Denver, San Diego, etc…

Friday, September 4, 2009

Huge Announcement!

The Southern Arizona Investor’s List. Coming Soon...

S.A.I.L. will be Tucson’s definitive source for all Foreclosures, Short Sales, and Auctions.

Our team of local, market experts are constantly analyzing a half-million properties each week giving realtors and investors the concise information they need to navigate this rebounding market. S.A.I.L. is a trusted partner delivering not just accurate information, but proven solutions.


More details coming soon.